Intercom-Johanna Hallsten

10th October-1st November 2008

Johanna Hallsten’s latest work begins in the window of the AirSpace Gallery, whilst looking into the Gallery window you will see an idyllic forest like setting, cut out of the landscape and transferred into the window box. The sound of birds whistling vibrates through the glass and projects out onto the pavement, interspersed with a badger and a human voice; a conversation between the three.

Inside the Gallery is Intercom, upon first sight a minimal exhibition of an ancient looking intercom system salvaged from a disused potteries factory in Stoke on Trent. But after time you discover that the intercom system is still working, with regular announcements being made in a thick Stoke accent ‘Can security please go to the entrance, security to the entrance.’ For the private view the speaker was a live performance by Janet Jenkins from the Wedgwood factory in Stoke on Trent; her accent bursting through the speakers at intervals and reducing the viewers to a hushed silence. Throughout the remaining three weeks the sound will continue to play, with the addition of live speakers throughout the day.

The private view brought many new and familiar faces to the gallery space, a lasting congregation considering that there was not a lot to see in the space. But all listened intently to the announcements and waited eagerly for the artist to appear. The gallery held a great atmosphere and the debut of the new laminated gallery floor was met with much approval.

The exhibition continues until the 1st November 2008 and Johanna will be delivering an artist’s talk on the 25th October at 3pm in the Gallery, all are welcome.