Two more exciting events for Conjunction coming up this weekend!

5th Nov 5-6pm

Cadman Gallery

Staffs University

Check out the Private View of the Phil Collins, Adam James and Paul Rooney show!

Conjunction 10

Preview 5th November 5-pm 6pm

Open Wednesday – Friday 10 – 12 November, 17 – 19 November, 24 – 26 November 12 – 4pm

Cadman Gallery

Staffordshire University,

Cadman Studios,

College Road,



Phil Collins

Adam James

Paul Rooney

The Work

Phil Collins Hero 2002 Phil Collins’ video Hero turns tables on a New York journalist who, like so many other ‘lifestyle’ columnists, found himself having to cover the reality of the lives of those caught in the aftermath of 9/11. Every so often Collins’ arm enters the frame with a mug of whisky, from which the genial hack is obliged to drink, like some terrible reality TV forfeit or an endurance piece of performance art.

Adam James Paris Vagabonds series Adam’s ‘Paris Vagabonds’ pick up on the distinctness of the outsider in the city. City tramps are noticed in their particularity – their micro-performative gestures, and specific clothing is exaggerated and transformed to celebrate their individuality.

Paul Rooney Bookmark This multiple work takes the form of a bookmark on which is written a self contained story, a modern parable of a librarian who discovers a bookmark which has extraordinary powers, one of which is that it seems to be able to stop time itself. The librarian does not use it’s powers ‘correctly’, however, and suffers the consequences. The lessons to be learnt from the parable are not clear and offer no obvious moral guidance.

6th Nov 2-4pm

AirSpace Gallery

Artistic Community Development Seminar.

Seminar: Artistic Community Development: (Regeneration) @ AirSpace Gallery

6 November 2 – 4pm

You are invited to attend the second seminar in the series of events as part of conjunction 10. A seminar looking at regeneration, and in-particular how arts organisations have impacted on this area. The two organisations involved have had extensive experience of working with derelict spaces and collaborating on large scale events within their local areas, and developing a national and international reputation for the regions.
The seminar will cover:

Background and Starting Points for the organisationsVision and GoalsProjects, examples and ideas behind themRelationship with the local area, and other organisationsImpact on the areas in which they work, and the Artistic community

Speakers Eastside Projects Robin Kirkham Eastside Projects is an artist-run space, a public gallery for the City of Birmingham and the World. It is organised by a founding collective comprising Simon & Tom Bloor, Celine Condorelli, Ruth Claxton, James Langdon and Gavin Wade, who first conceived and now run the space. Eastside Projects is a new model for a gallery, one where space and programme are
intertwined: a complex evolving programme of works and events starting from radical historical positions. They aim to commission and present experimental contemporary art practices and exhibitions. The artist is invited to set the existing conditions for the gallery. Work may remain. Work may be responded to. The gallery is a collection. The gallery is an artwork. The artist-run space is a public good. Grand Union Harminder Singh Judge Grand Union is an artist-led initiative that supports the development of artists and curators and aims to establish and nurture dialogue between contemporary visual artists, and local, national and international art organisations.
Established by a group of artists and curators in Birmingham, UK, Grand Union is a unique project that houses eight purpose built studios and a project space. It provides a platform for a diverse and exciting programme of events and exhibitions, while the studios provide a professional and secure working environment.