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Had a lovely time at the opening of Inclusions yesterday at The Stone Space. I was a bit surprised to see the drawing they hung wasn’t the one chosen from my submission but that’s because i had two drawings in the folder and the committee got confused. Everyone there was really friendly. I think my work was hung a bit too high but the magnets I got sent from Australia worked really really well and I think I have now got the solution for hanging my work.


The Stone Space is a lovely space right next to Leytonstone Library. Exhibition opens this Thursday and ends on 15 April.


Went to a lovely opening at Space gallery http://spaceseven.co.uk/ in Folkestone yesterday. The current show is of work by Nicholette Goff – prints or rather traces of plants, many of them under threat of extinction. There was so much to look at – here was the artist as naturalist, scientist, archivist, observer, maker; as harbinger …

Spent this morning knitting and taking photos http://www.dadonline.eu/node/376. I am starting to build a look and feel for these project photos which I rather like.

And finally, something I’m very chuffed about – I’m off to Leytonstone tomorrow to deliver a piece of work to The Stone Space http://thestonespace.wordpress.com/ for an exhibition I have been selected to take part in called Inclusions. And as I have family in the area, what was going to be popping round for tea has turned into joining in my Uncle’s birthday lunch celebration.


Took my dad out to Margate on Sunday for his upcoming birthday and enjoyed cupcakes in the sun, followed by a visit to Turner Contemporary. The irony of it being Mothering Sunday is not lost on me!

Today I’ve been stuck behind the computer again – reporting on Watermark, DAD’s recently completed documentary feature and project by the same name: http://www.dadonline.eu/node/5

I got through to the final round of a selection process for a show in London; disappointed not to make the final selection but encouraged nonetheless, so with the reporting done and the arrival of a new roll of paper I can get into the studio tomorrow.


I’ve just joined Rise Art – another web based site for artists to upload profiles etc but also for people who want to buy art or even rent it. Makes me wonder though a bit about the number of different sites i am on and the time I now need to spend on updating them all. Think I should just pick two and stick to those as well as blogging, tweeting and updating my own website otherwise there really will be no time to actually make any work.

I was recently interviewed by a sociology research student interested in work and identity. Really interesting to read the transcription of what I actually said!I like the idea of linking identity to work as well as all those other components of identity such as gender and personality.