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Time for an update!

New Dover Arts Development projects aside, I’ve just handed over 3 mono prints for an exhibition at a new gallery run by artist friend Gillan Westgate: the Mayor’s Parlour Gallery in Bow Road. Being asked to make some prints spurred me on and I’ve been trying out mono printing for the past month. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of things though, it all seems to go wrong again! The good thing about that is that it keeps me experimenting.

I have work in the Pop Up Shop in Chatham at the moment too – a reconfiguration of “There are no words” which I showed in Manchester in March as part of Wobudong, a group show with artists Julie Brixley Williams, Sue Gough, Jayne Lloyd and Catherine Wynne Paton, organised by Jayne Lloyd.

“The exhibition brought together works that are influenced by the actions, traces and aesthetics of handwriting or its ephemera – the lines and grids that guide it.  ….

And I have been making some single-sheet folded books, some of which I made as part of my participation in Whitstable Satellite 2014 and for the Public Zine Library at the Whitstable Biennale and the zine library at Georges House Gallery in Folkestone.

The Thread, paper, cloth collaboration with Rosie James is developing and has set off collaborations of its own, as well as triggering a new collaborative project, “Stitched time”, which I will be starting in the second half of this month. All of which has got me thinking about the nature of collaborative production and the potential for PhD research.