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Am stuck at the computer with a painful shoulder and painful leg so thought a brief update on activity might be a good distraction and more fun than tidying my office…

I organised my first open studio with studio colleagues and three invited artists from 8-10 July. An experience to be repeated! We had a good number of visitors and there was a real buzz. Good news for the arts in Dover!

I’m also working with Helen Lindon and Joanna Jones on a collaborative project for SALT 2016 in Folkestone, building on last year’s collaboration with the same two artists. More on that over the summer.

I’ve been getting on with my professional development project involving resin and paper, which I am excited about and have just finished a Carnival-inspired project for DAD with 8 local schools.

Oh and I have a piece going into the Sugar ‘n Spice show organised by Plastic Propaganda in August.