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The exhibition at Crate was well attended – both the preview yesterday and the show today – and was the occasion for many interesting conversations – e.g. about chance and accident and my approach to materials. Also an interesting talk with fellow a-n blogger Ruth Geldard about the difference in one’s state of mind when “making” compared to “painting.” The drawings saw quite a lot of “action”, floating away from the wall as people passed by, so have a few small tears that need patching.

This morning Bob and Roberta Smith’s mirrors came to Dover and I accompanied the film crew who were after people’s reflections (literally) on East Kent – except that the spoken reflections were scripted one-liners. Unfortunately the crew were on such a tight schedule they didn’t have time to go into Dover and get an impression of the footfall in the busier part of town. Still they got all the “iconic” shots – the castle, the esplanade and the Shakespeare cliffs. I was really pleased that they took shots of Alma Tischler Woods Start/Finish line for the North Downs Way trail.


The shoot is for a film to be used in the East Kent City of Culture campaign:


I’ve also been busy making another video. It is much longer than the other two and so needs some patience to watch.


I have been enjoying the sun! Trip to Margate to take my work to Crate for Come As You Go – preview tomorrow from 6-8pm. And while I was there got my feet wet taking the dog to the beach, while I still can (before the 1 May cut-off date).

Come As You Go is an exhibition about the use of space and materials inspired by geographical and temporal displacement. it is not about start or end points; it is simply about knowing, about being aware and continuously observing. Each artist shares their own insight about the experience of being in flux with maerials and surroundings. …” (Aine Belton)


Am quite focused on my work at the moment and also on learning to make videos. Here is another attempt: it is quite different from the first one, which maybe I prefer though they are both about something different.

In this video the viewer sees the artist trying to get the work to stand.


Went to Strange Cargo in Folkestone yesterday evening to see “This Me of Mine” curated by Jane Boyer. The artists’ talk with the curator at the beginning was a good way of getting into the work – felt a bit like a crit! Fellow a-n bloggers were there and exhibiting. Was good to meet some in person.

I’ve made a short video of my “collapsing sculpture.”

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