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I have to say I am not complaining about the extended summer, even though my project space gets really really hot in the afternoons and it becomes impossible to work in there! It has been a luxury to have such a big space and it has been perfect for my Stitched Time project. As with all projects, the initial concept has been exactly that – a starting point. I am building up to a show at Limbo in Margate in November which is much closer than it feels.

In connection with that I am calling for zine contributions so please email me for more info if you are interested. The themes are [art]work, [hand]work, stitching and threads, time and also women’s roles in/at work, which covers quite a lot really.

Apart from that, I am, as always, busy with work for DAD. Joanna and I gave a talk recently as part of the Folkestone curated Fringe events and the question came up about balancing studio practice and DAD work. One tends to see the two things as binary opposites although we try to see our practices as integrated – I sometimes talk about different modes of production – but there are so many competing demands on one’s time so that it is not just about juggling studio practice and other forms of practice but about juggling everything including walking the dog, all the stuff that needs doing in the house, family commitments, attending events, going out to see stuff, dealing with the accountant, filing papers, updating the website and other online platforms ….. phew…

…. hence today’s post.