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Here is an image of the collaborative painting produced in Folkestone last week as part of the SALT festival. (see previous blog post). Thanks to Helen Lindon for the photo.


Last week was amazing. The new piece I found myself making for the Table of Elements exhibition at relatively short notice ended up working surprisingly well. The exhibition itself was an opportunity to exhibit with two artists whose work I admire – Helen Lindon and Joanna Jones – and in the related workshop to explore new aspects of collaboration through the making of a painting using a process that was only possible through joint action. This was, in part, due to the size of the paper we worked on. Folding the paper, for example, in the way that we did, could not have worked had there not been four of us.

My piece, Inherited (above) is an installation of paper cut-outs, using found atlas pages, of Straits Chinese porcelain and Chinese export ware from cargo shipwrecked in the Malacca Straits. The work references autobiographical elements as well asideas about diaspora, migration, the sea.

More here about the piece and more here about the whole programme including a curated conversation and the production of the collaborative painting in response to the rainy weather – using the rain as an element of the painting.


I am very excited about an upcoming exhibition I am in with Joanna Jones and Helen Lindon as part of the SALT festival in Folkestone. We are also running an elemental, experimental workshop in which together with workshop participants we will create a large scale elemental experimental collaborative painting in response to the elements, mood and weather, on the Folkestone Harbour Arm.

And I am also thrilled to announce that Stitched Time is going to be part of a curated exhibition to run alongside the Drawing Conversations symposium at Coventry University on 4thDecember.  When I read this phrase “There was a huge response to the call for exhibits“, I was expecting and I’m sorry to say … but instead it was “we are very pleased ….“.