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I was so chuffed to see my former critical theory tutor at CSM, Kate Love, at the PV of Nautical Perspectives the other evening. As everyone knows, PVs are mainly about talking so luckily I was over my sore throat. I got to know a few members  of the Plastic Propaganda Collective and met co-a-n-blogger Sarah Needham.

As a venue, Devon House is pretty impressive in size (we are in the ground floor reception area) and, it goes without saying, location. Apart from any other reason such as, namely, centrality, the location means that non-artist partners of artist friends are happy to come along, if only because they get to see the boats. For my parents, who gamely made the effort to get there with me, despite not being able to walk so well any more, the location made it more of a nice day out!

The image of my work, Shipped #4, is by Dani Tagen.