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The relatively new Dover Studio Collective is organising its third open studio and exhibition with invited guest artists. As a format, it is working really well and helps get the venue known and stretches us all as artists, and because the other artists are invited we don’t have a selection process for the work, which would add another layer of time-intensive organisation. The Collective is quite informal – there is no constitution and no written rules and the events are organised on a fairly ad hoc basis,  although that said, we do set a few ground rules as we go along. The aim is to show contemporary print-based work and artist’s books, taking an expansive consideration of what print can be. So we are planning an ‘in conversation’ event as well, depending on whether there are enough of us around at the same time to make such a conversation work!

The open studio takes place downstairs in the workspaces, while the exhibition is upstairs in the project space and we will have a pop-up shop selling further prints, multiples and artists books/zines from other artist-makers.

We are excited to be joining this year’s 5th Fête de l’Estampe http://www.fetedelestampe.fr/ with currently 222 artist printmaking events taking place across France, Belgium, Italy and the UK.