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I am busy getting ready for the Art Market in Maidstone on 17 September. It is going to be a long day and I am not brilliant at early mornings so I am psyching myself up for the early start already!

I am going to try and be organised so on my list are, in random order:

  • book for contact details of anyone interested in my work
  • price list
  • stuffy bags in case I sell anything
  • interchangeable frames, also just in case
  • the work itself
  • money for breakfast and coffee to keep me awake
  • work out how to use the izettle just in case
  • business cards
  • something to sit on when my knees pack up

I will have some enhanced prints and collages on paper. The collage pieces have been fun to do and are very much to do with play and bringing torn fragments together; a bit like painting with paper.

Fellow a-n blogger Claire Manning talks about collage being abusive: Collage is abusive – it breaks down its source materials into fragments and re-constructs them into something else, which is a really interesting way of thinking about it.

For me collage is a way of being completely in the present, being spontaneous, connecting disconnected pieces – like connecting up disparate parts of the self.