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Recent activity includes going to Eat with Art organised by Latitudinal Cuisine at the Mile End Art Pavilion and seeing the work selected for the Tower Hamlets Open. We were asked to take a dish from our own place or country – whether that’s Tower Hamlets or Taipei – preferably personally cooked and enough to feed 4 people. The result was a marvellously cosmopolitan feed – both in terms of the dishes produced and the fact that the artists/people producing them were themselves not identified with only one place or country or culture so what it meant to cook a dish from your own country was wide open.

I was shortlisted for the show so it was good to see what had been selected and how the space was curated. It is a really difficult space and what worked best for me in there, on the day, was Tom Estes Night Cleaning performance which made great use of the floor space and was nicely integrated into the whole eat with art event. I did like Mary Yacoob’s drawing too. http://www.alisn.org/