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Had a fantastic few days. First up was the presentation of Matthias Koch’s photos in Dover to an engaged audience of about 50 people, last Wednesday. The behind-the-scenes stuff was pretty stressful and included last minute technical issues that even Matthias hadn’t noticed; Luckily Joanna got back from France and spotted the “breathing slides” straight away.

Thursday was mixed: Matthias’ photos were being shown as part of the Deal festival programme but unfortunately there was no real understanding of how to contextualise the work so the photos came across as “adornment” rather than as a full part of the programme. However, there was some great playing by the Heath quartet and the tenor Mark Lebrocq was excellent.

Then yesterday Korinna and I set up our show in the Red Lion pub in Leytonstone as part of the Art Trail and organised a little preview in the evening. We had a wonderful evening and it meant alot to me that Joanna liked the show and my small paintings. Appreciation by one’s peers is so uplifting.