Another studio move …

Considering so much of the work I make responds to what’s going on around me, the place in which I create it and store a fraction of my collection (my work material), is clearly important. Signing on the dotted line of the new contract yesterday reminded me just how important my working space is to me. It’s so obvious when I think about it – how much my mood is affected by the environment in which I find myself and how that in turn, impacts on the work I make. Caught up in the general busyness of life, you sometimes forget these things.


On the move (again) Photo: Kate Murdoch 2015


The new studio is light and airy and despite having virtually an entire wall of windows, is slightly warmer than the one I’ve just left – and it’s a half, as opposed to a quarter share, so there’s a little more room to spread out while I’m working. That’s the key, really – having sufficient space to move around in, to be able to stand back from the work and to see it with some degree of space around it. A bigger studio inevitably costs more money, but I’m prepared to sacrifice other expenses in order to try and make it work.

My focus is currently more outside of the studio and on the making of the short film, ‘I Always Wanted To Be …’ (documented on my ‘Keeping It Moving’ blog, here on a-n), but I felt the need to document the new studio here – to mark it as an important event. Just as starting this blog questioned whether or not I’d be able to sustain writing it, at the same time as being creative in the studio, I’m curious to know how much of an impact this new space might have on my work in the future. I’m already excited about working in it in the new year.

So, new year, new start … I’m not wanting to wish the time away, but I’m already excited about the start of 2017 with an improved new space in which to try out new ideas.