I’ve been acutely aware for some time that the ‘latest’ page on my website has been in need of an update. My blog posts had slowly started to take over the task of updating any news and I suppose I felt I was keeping the communication going through them. But I don’t post on my blog as much as I used to, so there have been a few gaps for quite a while with regards to what I’ve been up to. Admin, whether it’s art or life, has never been my favourite thing but I know that maintaining an active, up to date website is an important part of being an artist. It’s bothered me that mine has been neglected for so long and so, I’m now on a mission to address the issue – get my entire website up to date and then try and discipline myself to do so on a regular basis.

Today, I’ve finally started the process of updating the long neglected ‘latest’ page. It includes an image of my studio by painter, Graham Crowley. It’s one of three versions he painted as part of his Workshops series. I was delighted to be contacted by Graham a while back, letting me know that he’d painted them and that the yellow version was to be included in his solo exhibition, ‘Workshops’ held over the summer of 2022 at The Printroom in Sweffling, Suffolk.

Kate Murdoch’s Studio, Graham Crowley


Like so many of Graham’s paintings, I could look at them forever – the attention to detail and the amazing way in which Graham manages to capture light in his paintings is mesmerising. I am so pleased to have such a personal record of a studio space from the past and am both delighted and flattered that it became one of the work spaces Graham chose to paint. Subsequently, Graham’s painting ‘Light Industry’ has been awarded the John Moores Painting Prize (2023). To quote Graham: ‘I have entered at least 16 times, been selected 10 times and shortlisted for the first prize three times.’

I guess the lesson is – keep going!

To see more of Graham’s work visit his website here: