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‘Objects of Desire’

It’s always a delight to be reintroduced to something you loved and had completely forgotten about, as happened yesterday. It was while I was thinking about titles for a small body of work that the words ‘objects of desire’ came to mind. Maybe subconsciously, I was remembering Matthew Sweet’s programme on Radio Four, a series I had listened to some time ago. I really enjoyed it.

Whatever, I was pleased to be reacquainted with ‘Objects of Desire’ – it fits very neatly into my current research around objects through my involvement in The Museum for Object Research, created by Sonia Boue. Here’s a link to five episodes of ‘Objects of Desire’ :


Even the programme’s titles drew me in – The Nest, The Unlovely, Order and Territory and so on, conjuring up all sorts of narratives about the wonder and fascination of objects and how they define us. Revisiting the programmes has also reminded me of my own ‘unlovely’ collection which, like so much of my stuff, is currently tucked away in boxes. All a matter of taste, of course, but I’ve always envisaged showing (what I consider to be) these rather hideous and ugly objects in an ornate display cabinet – raising their profile from the unlovely to something more beautiful, perhaps. It’s open to debate, but it’s often said that there is beauty to be found in most things …