I’ve been busy all weekend: I’ve sorted out the website (for now); I’ve started a batch of cutting and sewing for a commission (more news later); I’ve read the article David Minton sent me about Deleuze (see comments below); and read some more too. If only I’d written a to-do list I could have crossed them all off!

But despite all this satisfying activity (and a cheering payment from the tax man) I’m feeling a little unsettled. A symptom of this is I can’t find the right music to listen to for my current state of mind. I scroll down and click, listen to two tracks off an album and want something else. I’ve tried all sorts: Kathryn Williams, Doves, John Martyn, Fleet Foxes, even my friend Dan Whitehouse’s efforts aren’t doing the job. I find this worrying. Music not soothing the savage beast? Whatever next?

Please don’t tell me to shuffle… it’s against my religion.

So I think I shall take my sketch book into the shed and empty my head for a while.

(I’ve also been having an interesting discussion with Wendy Williams on her blog about the nature of Galleries versus “non-gallery” exhibition spaces and the amount and type of visitors you get at each)



Some changes made to the website, probably a few more tweaks to do…


Let me know if I’ve made any spelling mistakes!



I’m going to make some changes soon to my website. I’m not happy with it any more… If you get a chance please pay a visit before and after and tell me what you think. I’d be very grateful!


Right, well, I’m forcing myself to settle down to read, and when I do, it’s all fine, and I’m absorbed (Helene Cixous on language… fascinating).

But what I really want to do is sew. Tiny tiny stitches, following my handwriting so slowly it becomes nonsensical, I get no sense of the words by doing this, just faithfully following a scrawled piece of writing. I like the way that some words become abstracted somehow by this process. I’m following the line blindly, trusting what the pen line did the day before. Stitching before it disappears. What I do find though, is that it is repetitive, mantra-like, meditative. I don’t think about the text, but I do think. This is when I do most of my thinking, when I’m immersed in a task that is easy, yet totally engrossing, mindless, yet mindful.


Ha Ha Ha! I’ve now turned on the little switch that allows for “Blogger Stupidity” and the comments section is now enabled! Thank you Jane for pointing this out to me!

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