I know two posts in one day is a bit much, but I wanted to put these photos up quickly to see if there’s any comment or response.

Footprints, baby ones, on a woman’s dress… as a sort of counterpoint to the adult handprints on children’s clothes. I haven’t decided where these prints should go yet, also, whether they should be footprints or shoe prints. Should I do a simple track across the dress, or should I overlap them in a sort of tramply manner?

So these tissue templates are supposed to help me decide. Whatever I decide will eventually be stitched in a similar way to the hands, small, repetitive, simple stitching. I need to decide quickly because if I want to do loads it’s going to take me weeks.

Don’t you find photos help, they sort of compress things into a small view, 2D… Somehow the brain finds it easier to process as an image, than a life size dress with life size feet on it?


This social networking lark is a bit time consuming isn’t it? I’ve just spent about an hour and a half setting up a facebook event page, adding links, posting on twitter that I’ve made a facebook event, and posting on facebook that I’ve tweeted about it, Now I’m writing my blog to tell you that I’ve tweeted and facebooked. I will probably tweet that I’ve blogged too.

All this because I’ve started to get confirmed bookings for Life and Other Art 2012

(I’ll put a link below, then you can tweet, post, share and blog about it too if you like!)

I am getting excited about curating the exhibition, although as yet I have no idea what I’m going to show – ages away, July!

I’m REALLY excited about the musicians that are lined up too. I just hope, when it’s all organised, on that weekend I can sit down with a drink and a piece of cake and actually enjoy the performances.




…and I might put a card in the Post Office window.

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Today I am feeling very business-like.

Some days you pither about getting nothing done. Other days you have Bees in Bonnets and set about the day like a Headless Chicken, a Whirling Dervish, or a Cliche on Caffeine.

Today is one of the Dervish days. First off-peak train into town, drawing on the journey, texting and scribbling and listening to iPod. This time my own song, so it’s work. It’s easy to get carried away and say “Yes!” to horn section, strings, woodwind ensemble, harp and cathedral choirboys just for the hell of it, but sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors, a clock and a megaphone, and it hits the spot.

(I can see why bands that make a lot of money suddenly go in for the orchestral album – what a hoot it is to play with all this sound!)

Someone wise (my son) once said, “Keep it simple, do it well”

So now I’m wondering whether to have this new song play from headphones attached to my ironing board. At least it’d mean I wouldn’t be able to do any ironing for some considerable time!

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Now this is something I really am less confident about. I’ve got this proposal I’ve written. It’s sat waiting for me to just attach it to an email and send it off. The deadline looms, but I’m convinced if I send it now I’ll come up with a much better way to say everything and it’ll be too late to change it once it’s gone.

Pull yourself together woman!

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Right. Tutorials. Double edged sword or what?

Had a good tutorial on Wednesday, we discussed my display experiments, sound piece work and recordings, Bhimji’s Yellow Patch. Tutor not as keen on it as I am. But then I just watched it and listened to it, in isolation in New Art Gallery Walsall, not at Whitechapel with lots of other work, in the context of the artist’s oeuvre (oh do excuse my French!). My tutor thought Bhimji might be stuck. We discussed the causes for this, and market driven, commissioned art. Hmmm.

Then there was the look over her glasses and the comment. “You have to be careful not to get stuck”. Then we moved onto something else.

That sentence, among all the great things we talked about, the things that worked, and the things to think about, has STUCK in my head.

Am I stuck?

Does she think I’m stuck?

In danger of getting stuck?

Stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck?


Out come the sketchbooks.

I do a bit of a flow chart from the beginning of my course, Sept 2010….. March 2012. This seems ok to me, I’ve moved on, changed tack, explored.

But what about NOW?

And what about NEXT?

I get out all my coloured pens and get writing, and drawing arrows and wiggly lines of possibilities from where I am now, and the thoughts I have for what to do next.

I think I’m ok.

I think.


When I started the course I just wanted to do it.

Then I definitely wanted to pass it

Then I wanted a decent pass to reflect all my hard work.

Now out of the blue, it seems I want to blast it, ace it, blow ‘em out of the water!

Where the hell did that come from then?