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Invigilation (Part 1)


I came in early and have done the rounds, turning on a huge variety of technical equipment. Some people have left brilliant instructions, some people none. Some appliances (sorry Bo) due to my incompetence probably, have been rendered ineffectual and useless and inoperable and I’m apologetic and will try harder. We might be able to put it right with a pair of bolt cutters……

I can hear a few people shuffling round the studios, I can hear my own music in between the traffic, and the screams of another artist locked in the basement. Well, her film is anyway.

I’ve got my results, subject to the usual confirmations, and I’m pretty happy really. Especially as when I started two years ago there were moments I doubted I was up to the challenge. In a little while I am to be given feedback. Even though I know I did ok, I’m still apprehensive. As much I think, because who will keep me on the straight and narrow now? I will have to rely on the other people, not the Tutors With Authority. But then on the other hand, from now on, I can pretend everything is worth a distinction, and carry on smiling regardless!

Invigilation (Part 2)


Need a drink now.

Well that was very jolly. I feel well equipped to go into the world and be an Artist. I shall carry on rebelliously quilting, life drawing, shed building, singing, recording, and yes, performing… despite their dead-pan expressions the examiners were apparently impressed with my performance… it hit the spot! So onwards and upwards.

P.S. I’ve just shown Jo how to tie a new knot. She is far too excited by it. Don’t you love an artist with an obsession?


How brilliant was that?

First night of the show, private view, posh frock, girl shoes, too much merlot! Lots of people to talk to about my work: friends, family, people I knew, people I didn’t. Flowers, presents, hugs, kisses and ‘thank you’s.

This morning, my feet are killing me, the girl shoes have gone back in the wardrobe – they have given my feet a hangover, but my head is fine!

I’m back in there today, on front desk duty, meeting and greeting the public. This is great, because as my work is in the foyer, I can do both things at once!

I didn’t take a single photo – I didn’t have time, so busy was I fraternising. I will take some of the work today, and tomorrow, I shall don the posh frock again, for the rest of my family who will visit then, and get someone to take one or two of me amongst it all. (oh God, that means I’ll have to wear the shoes again – how do you heel-wearing women do it? I strongly feel that shoes are a feminist issue. They are a plot to stop us running away, and to keep us in one place, preferably sitting, (or lying?) down).

Having been so fearful of the end of the course, I will of course, miss it terribly, but I can see many ways forwards. I have loads of ideas and loads of ambition. Why has it taken me till middle age to find ambition for goodness sake? I hope to live to an active, lucid, old age, to enable me to get lots done.