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Well, it’s over for another year Life & Other Art Festival… fondly known as LOAF, has been packed away. My shed is back in its place in the garden, The musicians have toddled off to other gigs, and the art works and quilts have all gone back home to their makers.

I am exhausted!

It was brilliant! I love it so much, this event we create and curate every July. It is hard work, but by the time the weekend arrives, I can pause with tea and cake, enjoy the art, the poetry and the music, and can chat to people. This in itself can be exhausting. I am on my feet all weekend, existing on a diet of hastily snatched bits of (delicious) cake. By Sunday night I crave savoury protein! This year I also ended the evening with a rare shared bottle of chianti. By 9.30 pm I was asleep (which for a habitual and proud insomniac, this is rare too!) I’ve just realised that reads as if me sharing a bottle is rare, as if usually I drink it all by myself… but no… the drinking is rare! haha!

Today I have slobbed about, chatted with my sons, another rarity is them both being here at the same time. It’s lovely to have my flock safely gathered in!

I was badgered, on facebook, by a couple of friends to do this thing where you post three “happinesses” a day for five days. I did this, and found it a good thing to do. I’ve done it for about ten days now. I have discovered that I am blessed with quite a lot of happiness in my life.

Therefore I should shut up bloody moaning and get on with it.