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I am procrastinating a little by writing this blog, but I do it while I drink my tea. I cannot drink tea and embroider… I get too engrossed in the task and forget it, then come to, a couple of hours later when the embroidery is finished, dehydrated, with a cup of cold tea at my side. So like the fine athlete that I am, I like to set about the task well hydrated!

I also find being well hobnobbed is an advantage (in an emergency, being well malted-milked is a satisfactory alternative).

So I slurp the Lady Grey in an unladylike fashion, and make that “ahhh” noise that only happens when tea hits the spot.

I ponder.

I am in a pondering frame of mind today. I have just delivered the first session to a bunch of wonderful people signed up for this year’s artist teacher scheme with BCU. I envy them. I did it myself so I know how it feels.

So… the pondering ensued… I came straight to my studio, flicked on the kettle and slipped off my shoes and lay back, feet on my desk. It is allowed! If you visit me, you will be allowed to do it too as long as you don’t have smelly feet!

So much of my life has changed since I did my ATS course… can’t believe it. And it is still changing. And it is all as a direct result from doing it. I am a very lucky woman!


I have written two proposals very recently, which include these bras I’m working with. In one of the proposal I talk about some of the work as if it is completed, but it isn’t… quite… yet… I have set myself the task of embroidering one of these bras. It is my favourite one, the tattiest, most broken example I have ever seen… and I’ve seen rather a lot lately. But as I stitch it becomes beautiful, the flaws are sometimes hidden, sometimes drawn attention to. I feel such fondness for this imaginary woman. I have pretty much built her a life in my head. This work is hard to let go of. I don’t know how I would feel if someone wanted to buy it… I would feel compelled to ensure it was going to a good home.


But come on… lets face it… if you are willing to pay a few hundred pounds for an artwork that is a piece of embroidered underwear, you are probably the sort of person I would say yes to aren’t you?

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