Miserable music. I love it. Makes me happy.

Today’s miserable listenings include, in no particular order:

Nick Drake – Day is Done

Damien Rice – Cold Water

Jose Gonzales – Teardrop (cover)

Janis Ian – From Me to You

Dan Whitehouse – All That Will Survive of Us is Love

Clem Snide – Bread (sounds more miserable than it is)

I am Kloot – It’s Just the Night

wot? no Elbow or Doves?

oh ok then…

Doves – Sea Song

Elbow – Switching Off (actually less miserable than it first seems)

predictable? maybe…but it’s my blog so I don’t care!


Here we go again… does anyone else have as many problems deciding how to display their work?

I have 3 or 4 items of embroidered clothing. I’d like people to be able to see the back, or at least a glimpse that there is stuff at the back. I don’t want the means of display to be what is noticed. From the group crit the other week, my means of display – the chest of drawers – took on far too much importance. I want people to look at the items of clothing and what I have embroidered on them. My practical skills are pretty minimal, and I have no money. I have spent hours on scribbling ideas in my sketch book and they’re all pretty rubbish.

So if anyone out there has an idea of what I might be able to do I’d be very grateful indeed.

I may end up just putting them all on clothes hangers and dangling them from the ceiling… seems as simple a method as any, if not a bit lazy? This of course, means I need a room with a ceiling I can hang them from, while still getting some natural light onto them. Those of you that know the School of Art in Margaret Street will know this isn’t easy… where you have beautiful light, you don’t have an accessible ceiling!

What would be really useful is my own personal curator/technician.








Recently these terms have been used about me. Occasionally by me, and also by other people. Also “a bit driven”…

Yes. I am. But I would qualify this by saying I am absorbed by my art-work rather than my self. Obsessed by my art-work rather than my self. Self-indulgent? I’ll give you that one. A bit driven? All I can say about this is that I’m probably hiding how driven I am rather more successfully than I thought. I would go as far as Very… or Extremely. I have no idea why. I just want/need to do this/make this/think this.

I have ideas that stretch into the future, places I’d like to be… sentences that start in my head: “By the time I’m 55 I’d like to be….” This is possibly because I feel I’ve started late, or, more accurately perhaps, re-started late. Part of me wishes I could be saying “By the time I’m 40…” But then I wouldn’t be the person I am, and wouldn’t be in such a rush perhaps? I know I was not in the right frame of mind to be doing this when I was 40.

So. I’ll just get on with it all then, while I’ve got the chance.

I’m sorry if I don’t hear what you said because I was thinking about something else. Poke me in the arm and say “OY, YOU!” first, then I’ll make sure I’m paying attention to you.

Got to go. Things to do.




Yesterday, I made a mess. I participated in Sonya’s seminar, as she demonstrated her part in Guerilla Gastronomy. I was sat down with a pair of latex/vinyl gloves, a pair of safety goggles and a cardboard box placed carefully on a sheet of greaseproof paper. On opening the box I found instructions to make eton mess (so had to remove goggles to read instructions with glasses on and then replace them) Also in the box was a meringue, and a toffee hammer (hence goggles) to smash it with, a strawberry, to squish with my hands and a small tub of cream and a whisk. I then had to mix it all together and eat it with my fingers. It was delicious, and a curiously sensuous thing to be doing in front of an audience.

On the home front. I’m still stitching. But I’m impatiently waiting for my next recording session. I can’t wait to hear how this next song gets licked into shape. I’m hoping it might be in a good enough state to play at my January assessment.

My research quilt is getting stuffed with interesting stories of childhood adventures, I could do with a few tales of parental stress to add a bit of balance now. and as I watch other people presenting their research to the group I become increasingly worried that it’s a bit basic, low-brow and twee. I’ll be presenting it to the group next Wednesday… so time will tell.