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I think I’m pretty much there. All twelve babies are swinging and dancing gently in the air currents, sometimes with a bit of help from me. To be honest, I could do even more, but adding three didn’t seem to make much difference, I think I’d have to add 20 to make it different. And then I don’t think I’d need to do the embroidery, as people would see all those children as a group, and not bother with the individuals perhaps.

I like them. A couple of them have names. One of them is me – the fat frantic swirly one with bluebells and a falling hem.

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll be fed up with the angst over whether the sound piece should be in the same place as the garments. I’m fed up with it too. Being in this space has made this a bit of a no-brainer. The acoustics are bloody amazing. To make people sit with headphones would be criminal. The song sounds creepy and poignant… to me anyway. That violin line that Tom Bounford did just hits the spot.

I played the song there, from the balcony, quite a bit yesterday, trying out changing levels and so on. Later on in the afternoon I was up in the balcony and heard someone walk through the foyer humming it. Brilliant. Such a kick! Just what I wanted, that people carry bits of my work in their heads, and maybe wonder where it came from.

So thanks to all involved, it is a proper song, with a hook that hooks, and a waltzy feel that inanimate babies want to dance to.

That’ll do me. In my mind it’s all working. It’s be nice if the people marking it thought the same. But I find that’s it… I don’t really care if they don’t. I’m happy with it.