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The project with the bras and the songs is growing.

Its form is becoming clearer as I work at it. It has a purpose and a focus.

I have written lots of words, some will be discarded along the way, I will make choices. But I think these will stay, these are the lyrics to the song I wrote so quickly with Simon last week. The words came fast too. (They may change a little.) I think because they express my motivation. Middle aged women have power that some of them don’t recognise. Middle age doesn’t stop women being women. It isn’t all about sexuality, but that, self-esteem, self-image, all play their part in making us who we are… determine how we present ourselves to the world and how we perceive it in return.


When I started writing songs, they were a background to the visual… then became a separate strand of the same work… now they are becoming intricately woven with the visual pieces. The women who wear the bras and sing the songs are the same.

I will post a link to a recording when I have one I am happy to share, at the moment it is still a sketch…


Invisibility is not a Super Power

Invisibility is not a super power
It’s the curse of the middle aged woman
I could dye my hair orange and wear silver shoes 
And no one would bat an eye

I’ve never been the sort to turn heads
But at least I was seen when they looked
I might have got a man to gaze in my eyes
At least if he wanted a fuck

I’m not 24 – not any more
I don’t have skin like a peach
I’ve laughed all my wrinkles in place
Touch me – I’m not out of reach

Invisibility is not a super power
But sometimes it helps
I walked this life all on my own
I get a good view from this shelf

You’ve no idea of the power that you have
When you look at me with those blue eyes
The fact that you see me at all makes me shiver
And any resistance just dies