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I have a sitting room full of sleeping, hungover teenagers. They are surrounded by pizza boxes and beer bottles. I have to climb through and over them to get to the kitchen, and the garden, to finish work on my shed. I don’t know that I can quite face it yet…


Meanwhile, I look at my diary and my commitments for the coming month. I look at the list of applications I’ve done, and the submissions I have to write.

I don’t really know how I fitted in the proper job! Well, I do really don’t I? because I couldn’t say yes to these opportunities, I didn’t even have the time to discover they existed…. and when I did, I invariably missed the deadlines for submission!


My greatcoat – “Blown Away” has two more exhibitions before the end of the summer, in Birmingham, at the Custard Factory for United States of Art (July 4th,  of course) and The National Trust’s Knole House in Kent, for “The Send Off” an exhibition curated by Franny Swann to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The new, related work “Daughter” has been made for the Liverpool end of our Colonize adventure. So if you are in Liverpool for the Biennial, do call in at the Arena Gallery to see it, and all the other art too, interesting and beautiful works…




Having been away from writing this, and come back, the shed is now finished, apart from a fetching length of green upholstery fringing which will be fixed along the edge of the roof. She will need her floor swept and her windows cleaned once she gets into position for LOAF 14 in Stourbridge on 12th and 13th July. Please visit my website for details, or follow the action on Twitter through #LOAF14. If you like live, original acoustic music, cake, quilts and other textiles, drawing, ceramics, and all sorts of surprises, do consider popping along. Seek me out and say hello, it’s a very small venue, it won’t take long! It is a family friendly event and has disabled access to the upstairs gallery and tea shop. By the time the weekend arrives, I am usually exhausted, but once we get going, my stress levels start to settle down, and I can sit with some tea and cake to watch the musicians and poets perform… it always feels like my own private party!

I’m also hoping I will get some time to spend with my long suffering husband, who has a very special birthday that weekend, and I’ve stomped all over it. Thank you Mike, I couldn’t do any of it without you. Happy Birthday!