After a couple weeks back at my two part-time jobs I realized that the time has come to give one up. It feels great to know that soon I'll have at least two days a week in the studio. The difficultly with only having one studio day a week is that if I can't make that day it means I'm not there for almost two weeks. It puts me off going into town to get materials or see a gallery – a kind of catch 22 situation!

I had to re-schedule my talk. In a way it was good for me to have to ask to re-arrange things, I'm not always good at asking for what I need. Sarah, at the gallery, was great and easily sorted things out without making me feel awkward.

Last night I sent out an email to some of the other Crystal Palace Artists' to see if they were interested in being in a specifically contemporary group show. The show will be a kind of 'show within a show' taking place as part of the Signals 5 (Crystal Palace Artists' Annual Open show). This evening I've already had very positive responses. It's the kind of thing I couldn't do when I chaired the group and it's great to have the opportunity do it now.


I took time off work last week and spent it in the studio – I'm not sure if I've ever had three consecutive days there before, which is quite an admission. Although I think of myself an artist I realise that I spend the majority of my week away from my practice – being at work (either of my part-time jobs) thinking about it isn't the same as being there doing it. I don't often see any of the other artists (there are eight of us working on the top floor of the old furniture depository), it made such a good change to be there with some of them on Friday.

It was really great to get such positive feedback about what I'm doing and the opportunities I've got coming up – thank you Jodi and Derek you've made me realise the importance of all the incidential stuff that happens when you're around other artists.