It was not my intention but I have just re-read my posts from immediately after John died (December 2007).  I am delighted to see that they are still there as they were not obvious last time I logged in.  John has been in my thoughts a lot lately, and was very much there last Friday when I attended the premiere of ‘Chicago’.  Musicals, on stage preferably, were one of John’s passions and I am sure that it would delight and amuse him greatly to know that I have ended up being, albeit tangentially, involved in the world.  The show is great, although I was too busy trying to see how everything ‘worked’ to really enjoy the number that featured all the feathers and headdresses that I have been working on over the summer.

The work with Tim has been really good fun, and I am continuing to assist on a couple of other jobs that he has.  Assisting is something that I have thought about, and even envied.  It is something that I had considered myself too old for – thinking about how tough it can be to become an artist’s assistant in London.  In many ways I am perfectly suited to it, at least in a part-time capacity.  I get to do something practical, I am required to use and develop my skills, often the work is (wonderfully) labourious which gives me time to fantasise.  The challenge of making my hand(s) invisible has given me new perspectives on responsibility, authenticity and creativity.

Driving back to his studio after a fitting one day Tim explained that he considers that I work “with him” rather than “for him”.  He is right to point out that it is an important distinction, and I am very pleased that he values not only what I do but who I am.  The route north in and out of Stockholm to and from Tim’s studio goes past John’s cemetery, I am aware how I quieten down as we go by.  I say a silent hello.


And now term has begun and I am teaching and studying again!  My recent running around is not sustainable and I want to have some kind of routine.  I need to have some kind of routine!  Not least with my writing here.  I miss it, and I miss reading other blogs.  Yesterday the weather was undeniably autumnal, after an extended summer break it feels like a good, and appropriate,  time to cosy back in to ‘Project Me’!

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