Klas’ opening at Glitter Ball was a great success. The show looks really good and Klas’ blend of technical skill, wit and intelligence gave visitors a lot to engage with. Klas is quick to find ways to speak with people about his work irrespective of their age or experience of contemporary practice. Visitors streamed in from the moment we opened, and the last actually came after we had ’officially’ closed. The first to arrive were an older couple who have recently moved to Enköping and are keen to get involved in the town’s cultural life. The man who turned up as we were closing heard about Glitter Ball from my boss at the council. He is a professional (commercial) photographer who has lived in the town for many years while working elsewhere and raising his family. Now he is interested in meeting other creatives and having somewhere to work in Enköping. These visitors bracketed a lively crowd of familiar faces — artists, friends, colleagues from work, and members of the arts association.  The local free paper, which gets delivered to every household on Friday or Saturday previewed the show which was fantastic — Klas’ neighbours came after reading the article! And a reporter from Enköping’s Post came to the opening, Monday’s edition of that paper had a full page feature about the show!  I am really pleased that Klas received such a great response.

It was really good to re-launch Glitter Ball after autumn’s hiatus. The afternoon reminded me how necessary Glitter Ball is for my own well being. And how seemingly disperate aspects of my practice support, sustain and develop one another. It also caused me to wonder about my recent enthusiasm for  moving to Uppsala which in many ways is the result of feeling alone and isolated in Enköping. An afternoon in the company of Klas, other artist friends and loyal Glitter Ball supporters put a different perspective on things! The hour that Klas and I spent chatting (about an exhibition for the intergration project that we are involved in) over a very late lunch was exactly the kind of wide ranging exchange and progression of ideas that I very much need.  I am fascinated how, despite our great differences, Klas and I share so many ambitions. The sum of us is far greater than our individual parts.

Glitter Ball’s spring 2020 season is well and truly launched. Roberto Ekholm’s show opens 14 March, April I will be at Supermarket —Stockholm Independent Art Fair, and May sees the first Glitter Ball project … more about that later!

Now though a change of scene, some bright light and warm air, a week of simple living in a different climate full of space for thinking ….


Klas’ show: When the ice neither breaks nor bears, continues through to Sunday 23 Februari at Glitter Ball showroom &projects, Krykogatan 1a, Enköping, Sweden.

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