Watched a fascinating programme about a ‘lost' Caravaggio painting – The Secret Life of an Easter Masterpiece (BBC2, 11 April 2009).

-The Betrayal of Christ – I hadn't really thought much about Judas kissing Jesus as the signal for his arrest, perhaps it only struck me this evening because someone asked me why I think people are homophobic. Now that I see the Caravaggio painting I wonder if the sight of seeing a man kissing another man recalls the betrayal of Christ … some kind of deep-seated cultural memory?
I guess that history could have been written to purposely use the kiss as the signifier to (knowingly) encourage a suspicion of one man kissing another man …. I find it all very interesting.

I don't usually watch television – perhaps I should watch more, that programme was very good and very though provoking!

My Swedish sabbatical is starting to become more real – I am speaking to people about rent an apartment. I hope to hear something positive after Easter.