My mind is all over the place. I’m thinking about packing – it’s hard to think of one’s life in cubic meters as I have had to do to book a moving firm. It’s also interesting to realise that I have more artworks, art materials and art books than anything else. Last night I started to pack the books, it turns out that a box full of books is far heavier than I expected. I am pleased to be packing in meters rather than kilos. However I might have to get smaller boxes for the books so that I can get them downstairs.

On Monday I install a version of Go-Go at the 4xm2 Gallery Pavilion. Last week I helped out on the last day of its construction. It’s a fantastic ‘pop-up’ gallery that has popped up in the parade ground at Chelsea School of Art. So it has very grand neighbours! It is a shame that I won’t be able to use solar power, time constraints mean that I haven’t been able to get a ‘silent’ power adapter made and tested. All the off-the-shelf invertors have alarms that alert you to low battery power, I can see the point of these alarms but it’s rather frustrating when you want to drain the battery for conceptual reasons without risking prosecution for nuisance noise.
I’m very excited to see if the light splatter will reach Tate Britain. The 4xm2 Gallery show – Quadruple Energy – opens as part of First Friday along with Tate and other galleries. Unfortunately I can’t be there. I will be in Stockholm. The trip was arranged long before Chelsea gave the go ahead for the pavilion and I can’t cancel as I’m attending the christening of my god-daughter’s brother.

I have arranged to meet up with some of the artists at the studio where I did the residency while I’m in Stockholm. Hopefully I will hear that there is a studio for me. I’m desperate to get on after what feels like far too long concentrating on other things. Talking with a friend this week it occurred to me that I’m much more focussed on finding a studio than I am on thinking about where I’ll actually be living. (Maybe that’s because I have a couple of options for somewhere to sleep!)

Cycling passed rows of south London Victorian house this morning I smiled to myself and thought that I won’t be seeing that kind of architecture for much longer. I had similar thoughts when I cycled through Dulwich Park earlier this week. English architecture and landscaping are quite unique, quite wonderful.


I’ve accepted an offer on my flat.

I should be in Stockholm in September. My life is about change in a big way. I’m incredibly excited. I can’t quite believe that I’m really doing it. Moving to Stockholm is truly a bitter-sweet thing. I am taking a giant step towards an unknown future, (is the future ever known?) I am also moving away from very good and dear friends. There is, of course, also the reason that I found myself in Stockholm in the first place – John. I’m leaving the place where we had each other, and going to the place where he had his past and I will have my future.


My first of four screen-printing workshop was on Tuesday evening. It was really good. Lucy who runs the course and the print workshop is really nice and a great tutor. She even provided me with a towel to dry myself after cycling there in an absolute downpour. Luckily I had been shopping earlier and had with me a new pair of shorts. It’s only now that I realise ‘exactly’ why it felt so odd to be doing the course in sport shorts – I must have looked like middle age version of the schoolboy whose wearing his PE kit in class because he had an “accident”.
We made a very simple screen and got used to printing. It was lovely to be doing something in a creative environment again. I am looking forward to getting better with the technique and seeing what I can do. I had some ideas of very simple prints which would fit well with my other work but I’m going make myself to try new things and play a bit. Lucy asked us to email her three pictures that we will use to make prints over the coming weeks. It was quite a challenge not to think too much about my choices and not to imagine how I want the prints to turn out.

Finding a simple alarm-free ‘inverter’ for Go-Go is proving harder than I anticipated. After discovering that I can’t disable the alarm in the inverter I already have I am worried that all the affordable devices have built in alarms. I don’t know what to do if I cannot find an alarm-free inverter as it is an essential component.

I was really saddened to hear of Cy Twombly’s death. It seems especially poignant coming a week after the opening of the wonderful Arcadian Painters show at Dulwich Picture Gallery. The show pairs Twombly with Poussin, and it works so well. I was Kim’s ‘plus one’ at the opening night and arrived late after work. Slowly wandering through the show when most other people were socialising in the bar area felt like a real privilege. Twombly’s Four Seasons hang in the last room, I think they are beautiful paintings – I was alone with them for several minutes and I was moved to tears. The gallery attendant closed the doors behind me as I left.

Perhaps in preparation for my move to Stockholm I am becoming interested in artists who follow their instincts – like Twombly who in 1957 moved to from the US to Europe as the art world shifted in the other direction. Artists who know what they need to do to be who they are (to be who they will become?).