On Saturday it was Glitter Ball’s fourth vernissage and the last of this first season.  I had not thought to ever show my own work as it seems a bit egotistic to run a showroom and show one’s own art, however this is where I find myself.  The chief reason for this being my fear of a low turn out on the day that marks the beginning of the Swedish Christmas period.  Christmas is big (BIG) here and not least the celebration of Advent, the Saturday before is the traditionally the first day of a multitude of Christmas Markets – and it is no different here in Enköping.  So rather than invite an another artist and risk them having a less than positive experience I decided to take the (potential) hit myself.   It was the right decision, I had a select number of guests all of whom I know and have built professional relationships with.  And this was despite a glowing article in the local paper that both previewed my show and reviewed the previous ones.

On the (absolute) plus side I had time with every visitor and both the discussions and my recounting of the Project (Following Eugène) were enjoyably rewarding.

to be continued ….