Leaving the studio

This afternoon I’m going to sort out the final few things left in the studio. It’s mainly things for recycling and the charity shop, Sue wants to buy the lights and Derek wants the microwave.

I’m starting to feel nervous again. Am I doing the right thing?
I need to do something and taking another three months in Stockholm is too good an opportunity to pass up. Perhaps what is daunting is the realisation that I am in control of my life again. Feeling nervous is okay. I’m making a positive decision to try something new and that’s got to be good.

It’ll be good to be away from London. I get very cynical here and often find it hard to muster the necessary energy and enthusiasm. Doing something new is exciting, and I want some excitement! It doesn’t really matter what happens, the important thing is that I’m making ‘something’ happen.

As I said to myself years ago:
Learn from the past
Live in the present
Believe in the future

(After all I’ve said about the state of the studio -the actual fabric of the building – it feels a bit odd to mention it but … if anyone is interested in a very friendly cheap studio in south east London get in touch and I’ll pass on the landlord’s details …)