Back in London for three weeks now – the time has gone very fast.

I had very good feedback from Charlie at Charlie Dutton Gallery. Although there was a lot of interest in Tender it didn’t result in a sale. I should have been at the opening, and around after … In future I must make sure that I’m in a position (financially and geographically) to attend openings. One of the things I enjoy about the openings in Stockholm is how keen the gallerists and/or curators are to introduce people to the artist(s).

It’s been good to catch up with people in person – keeping in contact with email and facebook just isn’t the same. I’ve become more relaxed and confident during my time away from the London scene, and this makes it far easier for me to deal with situations that I used to make me anxious. I’m not talking about anything major, but perhaps some of that Scandinavian attitude has rubbed off on me.

The weekend at Dartington was great! We (the three friends I went with and I) got on very well – amazing to think it must be about 12 years since we were all together. In many ways we haven’t changed – just matured! There were a few other Art & Social Context students from other years but not many. It was good to see our tutors again – even if it took them a while to remember us. Listening to Lyd, Bridgit and Louise made me realise how particular my experience of college was – I’m convinced that going to Dartington saved my life – in one way or another. I loved being there – it was a perfect place for me.

A friend has offered me the use of her studio while she’s away. I need to make a decision about it – it would be good to have a studio but it would take over an hour to get there from here, and I really should be concentrating on getting my flat ready for sale ….