Writing the application for a two-year artist’s award – fantastic that such things exist here in Sweden – was a great process. Needless to say if I get it I will be over the moon. My proposal is for tailor-made mentoring, something that I feel will enable me to really engage with the Swedish art scene. I want time with someone who can give advice and guidance once that have gotten to know me and my practice. In my mind it’s the kind of support that is provided by good tutoring at art school. The word ’appropriate’ kept cropping up in my writing, and while acting appropriately at first seemed conventional and the antithesis of radical I allowed myself the word and through the writing I came to realise that being unconventional and being radical might well be appropriate. The thing is that I want and need to know what is appropriate for me, and as I still do not know the extent of the Swedish art world some tutelage would be very welcome.

It would be wonderful to work with an arts professional and draw out which aspects of my work are appropriate where, similarly to hone in how I might construct my own contexts for my practice. The potential is very exciting. So exciting in fact that regardless of whether I get the award or not I want to find ways to do many of the practical things that I included: studio visits with other artists, meeting curators and gallerists. Being mentored would (I imagine) super-charge these processes – the mentor knowing where best to point me, giving me a good pep talk before I set off, and making sure that I follow-up and stay focused.


Whilst full of enthusiasm and doing my best to be honest with my artist self I have gotten around to doing some things that have been on my mind for a while … one thing has been lolling about for at least three years. Making that application, and in doing so admitting to myself that I think that I am worth two years of support and funding, has in an unexpected turn encouraged me to become more the kind of artist whom I imagine receives such awards. That is to say one who commits to their practice and gets on with it.


I also spoke with Klas about re-arranging the two studio spaces that we have shared for past eighteen months. We are now well on our way to having one space each. As what will be my studio is revealed I can accept the compromise that Klas and Ola need to access their studios via mine. The space is big and square with three good windows, with the addition of a few shelves it should be very welcoming and workable It is definitely a step in the right direction. The new arrangement makes it far easier for me to try hanging things – and not just on the wall but even from the ceiling. This is going to be great in planning the show for Uppsala. Even though we are not yet finished with the move I feel that I will more willingly invite people in to the studio – the arrangement seems more serious which actually enables me to be more playful … in a professional way!



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