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Supermarket Day 1 (inc Day 0 and -1)

Play is almost installed at Supermarket. The location on the third floor is very good, not least because of the view from the adjacent window. Play hangs diagonally between the glass walls around a wide spiral staircase and the floor to ceiling windows at the front of Kulturhuset. The entire front of Kulturhuset is glass and the Supermarket exhibition hall over looks Sergels torg with its wonderful glass sculpture. The sculpture is illuminated at night (it has lights inside it) and it looks spectacular against the darkening Stockholm sky. It’s a wonderful backdrop to my installation!

Roberto is remarkably calm considering that he hasn’t been able to get on with much as he’s had to wait for the installation of the additional walls he ordered.

Cecile is waiting until the construction work is completed before hanging her delicate sculptures.

After hearing about their work I am really looking forward to seeing it. The technical support I received was great – a man in a ‘cherry picker’ put up the chains in no time. I’m very glad that I was able to prepare so much before hand. I’m used to working on my own but I couldn’t have done today without Hampus’ assistance.

Day 0
I met Roberto at the framers. Jean-Noel (the framer) was very good and it was useful to have Roberto there too as getting work framed is new to me. I probably would have chosen the same frame myself but I would have gone for the thinnest option, however it was pointed out to me that the medium weight looked more better and made the work in to an object rather than a framed print. I collect it tomorrow thanks to Jean Noel making it a priority.

Day -1
Hampus and I borrowed a friend’s car to buy the necessary hardware – two pre-cut lengths of shelf, paint, brackets and screws. I’m very pleased that Hampus is able to assist me, his ability not only to translate but also to understand what I’m trying to achieve is invaluable when discussing options with store staff. I did managed to ask for the staples for my staple gun myself …

The last photograph was taken at Heathrow on my way to Sweden, my book caught the light while I was reading at the departure gate