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New year is always a good time to reflect on things and set ambitions for the coming twelve months.  With the somewhat unexpected, though not entirely surprising, death of my grandmother at the age of 103, wondering about what it is exactly that I am doing and where I am heading seems even more poignant and pressing.  Add to this that I have spent the last four days making an application for a teaching post that is bound to attract a very high standard of applicant, whilst finishing up the last of my duties on the Introduction to Artistic Research course, and it is easy to understand my almost overwhelming desire for some sense of certainty.

So, new year, new goal setting!

  • focus on making art
  • that’s it … focus on making art!
  • and just that

Putting together a truly comprehensive CV for my application I came to see just how many things I do at the same.   It is no wonder that they over lap and compete for my time which ultimately makes it difficult (nigh-on impossible) to achieve the very thing that they are supposed to contribute toward – a sustainable practice!

This blog, and with that I refer to the processes of reflection, synthesis, and expression that it requires, has been an obvious casualty of my diverse and demanding activities.  I had neither time to write it nor much content beyond the occasional comment on art produced by someone else.  So with the cancellation of my teaching and my leaving the gallery committee here at the studio I intend to redress this somewhat sorry state of affairs.

Firstly I need to get on with making work for the upcoming exhibition that I have here at the studio.  I know what I want to make and how I want it to look.  The short time in which I have to achieve it (or at least something approaching it) will ensure that I do not get distracted or tempted to do something else.  There are several practical issues that I will need to resolve, and I look forward to doing this!  I also look forward to seeing if I am able to pull the whole thing off!!