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Guess what arrived this afternoon – YES, several kilos, maybe as much as half my body weight, of glitter! I am so glad that it didn’t get caught up in either the temporary suspension of freight travel between the UK and Europe, or the pre/post Britain leaving the EU freight situation that seems inevitable. If the end of the world looks any more immanent I might just fill the bath-tub with the stuff, crack open a bottle of something sparkling, dive in and wait the armageddon.

I am, as the Swedes say, holding my thumbs* for a better year ahead. Better in this context is a matter of relativity and interpretation if ever there was. Having an exhibition postponed would not usually be how I would want to start a year.  However I am far from alone in having to re-tune my expectations and to fine-tune my perspectives.  It is certainly more interesting and important for me to have a show that presents my work well and that is open for visitors. For now all I can do is hold on to those criteria … and of course my thumbs.


My first day of working from home (for my salary paying job) went well. I enjoyed the sense of freedom, not that I am not pretty free to plan my days at the office. It’s just perhaps more fun to be at home, even the task of tidying, sorting, and archiving the files on the computer seemed more enjoyable. Now though the computer (job computer that is) will be put away until January 11th – auto-reply activated.


Wishing you all a very Good Jul!


* Swedes hold their thumbs rather than crossing their fingers (apparently they felt that the idea of a ’cross’ could be construed as religious). So don’t be surprised if a Swede wishing you luck appears to be shaking a clenched fist at you – they are just showing you that they really are holding their thumb!