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Go-Go installed at M2 Gallery …

Back in Stockholm after a week in London installing Go-Go and other work at M2 Gallery and Quay2c House ( I really appreciated how much time Ken and Julia gave me over the week, especially considering that they were working and preparing to have two properties in Open House.

Although I stayed at my own place, the week felt very reminiscent of my weeklong residency with Liz and Kjetil at Nordisk Konst Plattform last year. There is something wonderful about being welcomed into people’s homes and lives. I am sure that the final installation/exhibition benefits from the time I spend getting to know them and the building.

I want to thank Ken and Julia for inviting me to show at M2 Gallery and particularly for asking to show over Open House. It is a major event for them and for the Quay2c practice. It was very interesting for me to see how my work sat in their house. Tender looked very different in a corner of their library to how it looked on the 30th floor of Clifford Chance with Canary Wharf and the city far below. (Not better or worse, just different.)

And although I say so myself Go-Go looks amazing! It’s received very positive feedback already. I really like the way that it works both inside and outside of the gallery – it’s surprising just how far a mirror ball reflects light, not only do the splashes of light dance across the pavement below the window but they spin across the buildings opposite too.

It took a bit longer to install than I anticipated, however it all went well and the very simple technology (solar panels, car battery, inverter, dusk till dawn timer) worked as I hoped it would. The inverter is actually a little too sophisticated and has a rather annoying alarm signal when the battery gets low – of course for my purpose I want the battery to go beyond ‘low’ and reach empty. I guess that people run quite sensitive equipment from inverters and they need to know when the power is getting weak to avoid crashes and data loss etc.

Going back to London for a week made me realise that it doesn’t matter where I work or live, what’s important is spending time with people I like and who it is easy to be with – both professionally and personally. Years ago I remember saying that I never wanted a job where I came home and changed my clothes – now I think I was talking about a desire for an integrated life. What I want is to be a full time artist, to have sufficient resources to get on with my work and not to worry about the occasional unexpected bill. I know these three months have to come to an end but I really REALLY don’t want them to …

Go-Go runs until 8 November at M2 Gallery, 2c King’s Grove, London SE15