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Autumn has arrived in Stockholm. Yesterday was bright and crisply chilly. The trees turned from green to gold and red overnight, and the flower stand at Slussen has changed from roses, lilies and gladiola to ornamental cabbages, potted heathers and autumnal coloured wreaths. The sun is low and brilliant, in the evening it moves quickly across the studio – illuminating the glitter plates and casting intense shadows on the wall.

Ken sent photographs of Go-Go and the untitled piece in their bedroom.

I’ve had a wonderful email from a college friend whom I respect, admire and like very much – she’s an amazing person and a very generous artist. She has always encouraged me and had far more belief in me than I allow me to have in myself. Her email was perfectly timed and I need to take what she says seriously. I need to find the courage to approach galleries and talk to people about what I want. There’s no point in keeping my aspirations to myself – I can’t achieve them on my own! I need to start talking with people who can help me. I need to remember that some will want to help, and that it is better to find them sooner rather than later!
Why am I so frightened to say hello?

Tonight a show opens in the gallery at the studio. I don’t know the artist but I have heard that the curator is very good and is developing a new project/museum in south of Sweden. I must say hello …

Today I continue to polish the aluminium cake tins. Yesterday’s trip to ‘loppis’ (second-hand and charity shops) didn’t yield any of the little lamps I’d seen previously and that I now want to play with.

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