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I am excited and bit nervous to return to the studio on Monday. It’s been too long since I was last there – save for simply dropping off some materials a few weeks ago. An intense two weeks of summer-holiday activities for children were followed three weeks of (re-?) decorating my apartment in preparation for its immanent sale, then a week away, and then getting the apartment ready for the estate agent’s photographer . Although I was very disappointed that my trip to the UK, the first since well before the pandemic, was cancelled at the last minute those ten days I suddenly and unexpectedly had here were put to good use tidying up the rather rushed painting, fixing small but important details, and starting to take things to re-cycling and charity shops. The arrival of my old college friend three days before our planned week away camping was great as she enthusiastically got stuck into sorting out the neglected balcony.


The day after my friend left the stylist (!) came by to look at the apartment before returning on Thursday with a van load of cushions, throws, flowers, super fluffy white towels, and even bottles of very good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The ’styling’ was good fun, the photographer arrived, took photographs, and was away again in half an hour. As soon as he was finished in one room the stylist swooped in and began de-styling (?), she was packed up and leaving thirty minutes after the photographer. I am very curious to see the photos, and very keen to get the apartment on the market.


So with my work here all but done (I ’just’ have to keep the place as neat as possible, ’thin out’ the stuff the cupboards that potential buyers are mostly likely to look in, and ’re-create’ the styling to the best of my ability – I’m not rushing out to buy a dozen cushions,) I can now switch my focus to my very upcoming show – opening Saturday 27th August.


There are three new pieces that I want to make: two of these are similar to previous works so although being significantly different feel familiar in regard to the process (and challenges). The third requires a bit more attention – it’s the piece that I am installing outdoors and it therefore needs a bit more ’resilience’ testing. It is this piece that I am going to start with tomorrow.



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